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Shadow of the Serpent: An Inspector McLevy Mystery
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Destiny Soria
Belinda Castles
The Accident
Chris Pavone
E. R. Harding
A Stranger in the Family
Robert Barnard

The Seer's Daughter

The Seer's Daughter - Athena Daniels The Seer's Daughter by Athena Daniels Sage returns home for her grandmother’s funeral. She has been experiencing some strange events. She pushes them away due to stress od her grandmothers murder, Ethan is a detective that has been assigned to this case. When he meets Sage, he is attractive to her she feels the same. Sage starts feeling supernatural occurring and thinks this is not an ordinary murder, but Ethan disagrees but then he finds out thing are not as they appear he will not stop at nothing to protect the woman he is falling in love with